Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu Served from 12:00 to 15:00. Full Sushi Menu, Fresh Oysters, Pint of Prawns & Bar Snacks Served from 15:00 to 18:00.

(Subject to change and availability without notice)

Set menus are available for group bookings. Please contact us for more information.


COLD ATLANTIC OYSTERS Live from our oyster tank served chilled on a bed of salted ice with fresh lemon wedges and Tabasco sauce.

                                             R28 EACH / R150 for 6 / R280 for 12

SPANISH CHICKEN LIVERS A chicken liver sauté with chorizo, garlic, fresh thyme, onions and sherry, served with patatas bravas


TATAKI OF SEARED TUNA Atlantic Yellowfin Tuna coated with a sesame crust, sliced, seared and garnished with an Asian sesame cucumber salad and a spicy peanut dressing       


STUFFED CALAMARI Stuffed with creamed spinach, feta and fresh thyme and lightly grilled with a smoked paprika butter. Served with tzatziki sauce                                                                    


SPRING ROLLS Vegetarian or Prawn spring rolls

R50 / 60

PANKO DUCK KEBAB Panko crusted duck chunks skewered with peppers and onions served with a Japanese BBQ dipping sauce


SALDANAH BAY MUSSELS West coast mussels steamed in a velouté of garlic, cream and parsley, served with fresh bread for dipping            


CALAMARI RINGS Spiced and battered in a seasoned Panade and deep fried till crispy served with tar tare sauce        

R60 / R115

Salads & Soups

GREEK SALAD Greek style salad with garden greens, feta, olives and mixed Mediterranean vegetables


AVOCADO SEAFOOD Kingklip and prawns tossed in a sweet chilli, coriander and mayo cocktail sauce and topped with avocado and garnished with five spice and spring onions     


THAI PRAWN SOUP with prawns and oven roasted butternut, fresh chilly and coriander.                                                                           


Lobster Mains

Add your side of Chips, Rice or Onion Rings, Vegetables, Side Salad, Baby Potatoes or Sweet Potato Chips R20

CAPE LOBSTER (LIVE) Select your own fresh lobster from our tanks). Grilled, steamed or served cold, with lemon, garlic and peri peri sauce

                                                                                                         R1050 p/kg


West Coast 450g                    R395

West Coast 600g                    R550

(Thermador extra R50)

Prawn Mains

Add your side of Chips, Rice or Onion Rings, Vegetables, Side Salad, Baby Potatoes or Sweet Potato Chips R20


BUTTER PRAWNS Grilled Prawns infused with a ginger, chilly sweet and sour sauce served with Nasi Goreng fried rice      


GRILLED PRAWNS Medium Tiger prawns plain grilled (R155) lemon beurre blank or a Cajun butter basting


DEEP FRIED PRAWNS 8 Argentine Pink King prawns grilled and Lightly brushed with a Tangy Bengali mustard sauce                          


BENGALI MUSTARD PRAWNS Queen prawns, mussels and grilled baby Cajun calamari sautéed Creole style with chorizo, tomato, peppers, onion and celery, served in the pan (add Lobster – R420)



Platters are accompanied by a set of three sauces: garlic, lemon and peri peri

LUNCH SEAFOOD PLATTER FOR 2 Grilled hake, Queen prawns, battered calamari rings and garlic mussels served in the pan with fries.


LUNCH SHELLFISH PLATTER 2 West Coast Lobsters, 6 King prawns and 8 Queen prawns all grilled and served in the pan with fries


LUNCH SPICY PLATTER FOR 2 Blackened hake, Queen butter prawns, Cajun deep-fried baby squids and Thai style mussels served in the pan with fries


Add to your platters:

Medium Prawns          R15 each

King Prawns                R50 each

Fish & Mussels

Add side of vegetables, chips, salad, onion rings, baked potato, savoury or Basmati rice. Sweet potato chips R20

Atlantic Hake 3 Ways (served with tar tare sauce)







THAI SEAFOOD HOT POT Kingklip, prawns and mussels simmered in a Ginger, chilli and garlic cream sauce, served in the pan     


COCONUT FISH CURRY Line fish, pan fried in a coconut curry sauce, served with savoury rice, sambals and a poppadum


MOULES ET FRITES West coast mussels, steamed in a velouté of garlic, cream and parsley served in a bowl with fries


Burgers, Pizza & Pasta

HAKE ATCHAR BURGER & CHIPS 2 pieces battered hake, toasted seed buns and homemade spicy pickled atchar, served with chips


BEEF BURGER & CHIPS 200g flame grilled beef burger topped with mushrooms, cheddar cheese and onions


PJs SEAFOOD PIZZA Topped with joes home smoked salmon, fresh asparagus, red onion, mozzarella and coriander and drizzled with Thai sweet chilli sauce  


SEAFOOD MARINARA LINGUINI A medley of seafoods tossed in linguine with a tomato Passata and sprinkled with finely grated pecorino


From The Char Grill

Add accompaniment vegetables, side salad, chips, baby potatoes, savoury rice or onion rings R20

200G RUMP Flame grilled to your choice served with a Port Mushroom or Madagascan Green pepper sauce                       


500G PORK RIBS Flame grilled with a special basting sauce


CHILLI BEEF SKEWERS Flame grilled chunks of Rump (200g) skewered with red onions, peppers and mushrooms And lightly basted with a Japanese Teriyaki sauce.