A la Carte

Lunch Menu Served from 12:00 to 15:00. Full Sushi Menu, Fresh Oysters, Pint of Prawns & Bar Snacks Served from 15:00 to 18:00. Dinner Menu Served from 18:00 to 21:30

(Subject to change and availability without notice)

Our menu is based on fresh seafood with elements of Asian fusion. We make sure to only provide the best quality ingredients, including our live lobster and abelone tank, where you can select your choice of crustacean.

Our lunch menu is slightly more standardised but offers a lot of the dinner menu options.

Set menus are available for group bookings. Please contact us for more information.


COLD ATLANTIC OYSTERS Live from our oyster tank served chilled on a bed of salted ice with fresh lemon wedges and Tabasco sauce.

                                             R28 EACH / R150 for 6 / R280 for 12

SANGRIA WITH TEQUILA & OYSTER SHOT Served in a shot glass with spicy Mexican tomato cocktail and a dash of tequila

                                                                             R35 EACH

PAN-FRIED BABY SQUID Tender baby Falkland calamari squids pan-fried with garlic, spices and a squeeze of lemon, served with savoury rice                                                            


WEST COAST BLACK MUSSELS steamed in a veloute of white wine, garlic, parsley and cream, served with fresh bread.                                                                       


PRAWNS 6 medium prawns pan-fried with paprika and garlic, served with a timbale of slow cooked parmesan risotto and garnished with a lemon beurre blanc


ESCARGOTS AU GRATIN Six succulent snails smothered in creamed garlic butter and topped with parmesan


VENISON CARPACCIO Game venison thinly sliced, topped with a roasted red pepper and balsamic vinaigrette, spring onions and arugula salad and finished off with a citrus ponzu dressing            


Salads & Soups

MEDITERRANEAN SALAD topped with feta, olives, cocktail tomatoes, red onion and sundried tomatoes on a bed of garden lettuce


TOMATO, MOZZARELLA & AVOCADO Drizzled with our homemade basil pesto dressing and garnished with fresh herbs and Italian anchovies.          


AVOCADO SEAFOOD Kingklip and prawns tossed in a sweet chilli, coriander and mayo cocktail sauce and topped with avocado and garnished with five spice and spring onions     


THAI PRAWN SOUP with prawns and oven roasted butternut, fresh chilly and coriander.                                                                           


Main Course


Add your side of Chips, Rice or Onion Rings, Vegetables, Side Salad, Baby Potatoes or Sweet Potato Chips R20

GRILLED PRAWNS All prawns basted with a choice of lemon and herb basting or Cajun basting (plain grilled optional).

Queens (16) R220

Kings (6) R290

Giant Prawns (3) SQ


WEST COAST ROCK LOBSTER (LIVE) Grilled, steamed, cold or Thermidor served with a choice of lemon or garlic sauce. 

                                                                                                         R1050 p/kg

EAST COAST ROCK LOBSTER (LIVE) Grilled, steamed, cold or Thermidor served with a choice of lemon or garlic sauce.  

    R1050 p/kg

ABALONE A delicious succulent mollusk is prepared shucked, sliced, sautéed with Garlic butter and served in its shell with savoury rice. Select your own from our tanks!

Priced by weight: R2100p/kg

ROCK LOBSTER SPECIAL Rock Lobster served grilled or thermidor with savoury rice and a choice of lemon or garlic sauce (add thermidor R20)                                                  


PJ’S SEAFOOD JAMBALAYA Queen prawns, mussels and grilled baby Cajun calamari sautéed Creole style with chorizo, tomato, peppers, onion and celery, served in the pan (add Lobster – R420)


LANGOUSTINES are widely regarded as the crème de le crème of the ocean best prepared grilled with a lemon butter basting.


PRAWN SAGANAKI Medium Tiger prawns marinated in Indian spices then pan fried with garlic, olive oil, topped with feta, baby tomatoes and coriander, served in a pan


PRAWN THAI CURRY Mild Thai style curry flavoured with coconut, coriander, ginger, chilli and served with Basmati rice


BUTTER PRAWNS Medium Tiger prawns pan fried with chilli, garlic, curry leaves and our homemade sesame sauce                                                             



Platters are accompanied by a set of three sauces: garlic, lemon and peri peri

SEAFOOD GRILL MISTO Grilled Lobster, King prawns, Queen prawns, line fish, Cajun calamari and mussels in a garlic cream sauce, served in a pan and accompanied by fries.

                                                              R620 FOR 1 / R1200 FOR 2

PJS PLATTER Grilled Lobster, King prawns, line fish, deep-fried calamari, mussels in a garlic cream sauce. Served in a pan and accompanied by fries.

  R500 FOR 1/R950 FOR 2

CRUSTACEAN PLATTER Grilled West Coast Lobsters, Baby Mozambiquan Lobster, King prawns and Queen prawns, served in a pan and accompanied by fries.

For 1 – R695/for 2 R1350


Add your side of Chips, Rice or Onion Rings, Vegetables, Side Salad, Baby Potatoes or Sweet Potato Chips R20

Catch of the Day

Kingklip – R205 or Tuna – R200


Norwegian Salmon – R230 or Linefish – R200

HAKE Tempura battered or grilled and served with tartar sauce


SESAME KINGKLIP Pan fried with a sweet Asian plum sauce, topped with a julienne of springs, red pepper, baby corn, and cashew nut stir fry and drenched with an Asian marinade of sesame, soy and ginger     


SEARED TUNA WITH BASIL PESTO South Atlantic yellowfin tuna skewer, flame grilled to your choice then topped with basil pesto sauce and served on linguine


SALMON TERIYAKI CHILLI Norwegian salmon marinated in a teriyaki chilli soy sauce and flame grilled to your choice. Served with an Asian noodle stir fry


DEEP-FRIED BABY SQUID Falkland baby calamari squid, deep fried and served with savoury rice and a caper mayonnaise (Cajun optional)


PAN-FRIED BABY SQUID Falkland baby calamari squid’s pan fried with garlic, a squeeze of lemon and East African spice, served with savoury rice and caper mayonnaise



SEAFOOD PUTTANESCA Prawns, kingklip and black mussels flavoured with a tomato passata, olives, anchovies, capers and fresh basil (without seafood R130)


From The Char Grill

Add accompaniment vegetables, side salad, chips, baby potatoes, savoury rice or onion rings R20

250G RUMP Flame grilled to your choice served with a Port Mushroom or Madagascan Green pepper sauce                       


CRISPY DUCK Crisp and tender succulent Crispy Peking Duck breast battered, deep fried served with savoury rice and hoi san sesame sauce


500G PORK RIBS Flame grilled with a special basting sauce


CHILLI BEEF SKEWERS Marinated BBQ Chilli Beef Skewers served on a sauté of balsamic red onions, peppers and mushrooms                               



BANOFFEE PIE Ginger Nut biscuit crust topped with caramel, freshly sliced banana and crème fraiche                           


CHOCOLATE VOLCANO A rich chocolate soufflé made with Belgian chocolate and served with a dollop of vanilla gelato                           


VANILLA CHEESECAKE Cheesecake served with a dollop of vanilla pod crème fraiche (Please take note: Our Cheesecake flavours change daily, so ask your waiter)                         


FRUIT SORBET Light and refreshing sorbet made from fresh fruit and berries, perfect for a hot summer’s day                       


ITALIAN GELATO Smooth and creamy Italian Gelato style vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce